Jacqueline Elizabeth 

Mindset & Wellness Coach

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As a Wellness & Mindset Coach I integrate my training Psychology, Life Coaching and the ancient healing system of Ayurveda to help people live a more joyful, balanced  & fulfilled life.



 I have only had two sessions of coaching so far with Jacqueline and I have noticed a profound change in the way I am thinking, feeling and acting. I feel empowered. I am also understanding and noticing my actions and thoughts much more with a new perspective. I have experienced various types of therapy and all have been useful however I have never felt such a shift in a short space of time. Her approach is different to anything I have experienced before. She truly has a gift and I am so happy I committed to the process. I am very excited to continue working

Harriet, Nutrionist

I went into the session with Jacqueline with an open mind and knowing the area in which I wanted to work on. Jacqueline was very friendly and professional at the same time. It felt so easy to talk to her. I had an amazing breakthrough within my first session.

Lorraine, Teacher

My sessions were super insightful for me, they brought lots of awareness to patterns of behaviour that I did not realise I was doing. By asking me questions such as positive and negatives for different approaches and how I can put strategies in place to work on that, it has allowed me to set an intention to focus more on that area and bring more awareness to my day to day thoughts. I have really enjoyed the sessions we have spent together, I felt completely at ease and you held such a lovely space for me to share and be open. Thank you so much xx

Sarah, Entrepeneur